Matthias Feit – UX Designer

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Rüdesheimer Straße 24
65197 Wiesbaden

Phone: +49 160 996 717 48

Focused on human needs

Making the world a little bit better
– by leveraging design.

In over 15 years of professional experience developing digital products, I have especially learned one lesson: you need multiple perspectives to achieve great results!

In my career, I have steadily evolved from software development towards user experience design and speak the language of both disciplines fluently. When I advise your company on digital innovation, I take both perspectives into account and align them with your business goals.

For me, the most important change of perspective: pivoting from feature-centricity focusing on the needs of users. I would be happy to support you on this path in your project!

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Book Cover: 97 things every UX practitioner should know

97 Things Every UX Practitioner Should Know:
Collective Wisdom from the Experts

O'Reilly Media

I am happy to have contributed a chapter to this co-created book. The individual chapters highlight different but important aspects of the UX work environment and offer beginners a good insight into the multi-layered aspects of this discipline.

My chapter "A Shared Vocabulary Can Increase Team Efficiency" (read as as blog post here) is about the importance of project teams developing a common language to prevent misunderstandings and problems - a topic very close to my heart.

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Book cover: The Jobs To Be Done Playbook

The Jobs To Be Done Playbook – Jim Kalbach

Rosenfeld Media

I was lucky enough to work on this book as a reviewer and could follow the development process from the first drafts onwards while contributing feedback and my own suggestions.

In my opinion, the book offers an excellent overview and introduction to the topic of Jobs To Be Done - including numerous application examples from real projects.

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